Putrajaya LIFT Festival

Future of Mobility

Mobility transformation is fuelled by three key technology‐driven trends: electric vehicles (EVs) and alternative powertrains, connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) and Mobility‐as‐a‐Service (MaaS). The integration of these three trends should drive us towards Future Mobility

The availability of EVs and the continuous push towards CAVs has caused a change in the way we perceive transportation not only as a medium to travel from point A-B, but as a form of service to fill in the gaps as we travel – which is what we call, MaaS. MaaS combines multi-modal transport services into a single platform, simultaneously offering compelling on-demand services, resulting in transportation modal shifts.

In KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2019, the opinion of decreasing ownership of vehicles is shared by 39% of surveyed consumers, which shows that almost half of car owners know today that they will no longer want to own a personal vehicle by 2025. This will form a change in mindset towards vehicle ownership, which will spur new ownership and business models, such as the ever-increasing popularity of ride sharing and subscription-based ownership models.

Trends like this will change consumers’ purchasing decisions, creating more room for E-commerce and Fintech-based companies to emerge, offering new and innovative services, in line with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s (MITI) initiative to accelerate the digital economy of Malaysia.

MARii’s participation in this event will be a platform to expose domestic e-commerce businesses and to increase the public’s familiarisation on digital trends in various areas such as cashless transactions, connected living, and e-hailing, all of which also requires the expertise of financial institutions.

The exhibits will revolve around five MaaS focus areas which includes – Sharing Concept (car sharing, person-to-person car rental), Multimodal Transportation (autonomous transport system, personal travel planner), E-Payment (smart payment, smart parking), Connected Living (e-health, e-learning) and Telematics (real-time traffic management, connected vehicles).

These 5 focus areas will transform the way we live, especially when it comes to the purchasing phase. As we progress towards digitalisation, online transactions and integrated payment systems, or applications, will be a “must-have” solution in the near future. The MaaS exhibits by MARii will be a platform to familiarise yourselves with the inevitable digital era.

In response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), MITI launched the Industry4WRD: National Policy on Industry 4.0 to drive digital transformation of the manufacturing and related services sectors in Malaysia.

According to KPMG’s Global Automotive Executive Survey 2019, almost half of all surveyed executives (48%) are highly confident that the number of physical retail outlets, will be reduced by 30-50%. Hence, the Virtual Showroom concept which utilises elements of Industry 4.0 such as Big Data Analytics (BDA), Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud-based services to create a virtual showroom and transform the way aftermarket services are conducted, allowing for a seamless, interactive and immersive experience for customers while reducing operational costs for business owners. At the Putrajaya LIFT Festival, event visitors will have the opportunity to experience this unique approach towards digitalisation.

Digitalisation also means a constant connection to allow processes to be conducted remotely. This is what we call Internet of Things (IoT). The advantages of always being connected to your home can be experienced through the Smart Home exhibition where features such as remote monitoring and home appliances control will be showcased. To go the extra mile, home “digital renovations” on a 1:1 scale using VR-applications will also be exhibited to event goers. Visitors can also witness technologies related to 3D design and coding applications, including 3D printing and robotics.

Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) serves as the focal point, coordinating centre & think tank towards enhancing the competitiveness of the automotive industry and overall mobility, including intelligent transportation system & related services through adoption of robotics & IoT.