Putrajaya LIFT Festival


About the show

FROGMAN is a 60 minute live theatre experience hybrid mixed with Virtual Reality. A police detective arrives at Meera Clarke’s coral laboratory. The detective explains to Meera that her father has been charged with the murder of a 13 year old girl, Ashleigh Richardson, who disappeared in 1995. The detective asks Meera about her memories of 1995 (seen in VR).

FROGMAN shows Meera, Lily and Shaun as 11 year olds in a bedroom in a small fictional town in Australia, 1995. Ashleigh Richardson was last seen on a stolen boat heading out to sea. We follow their story over the course of three sleepovers, belting out Green Day songs, critiquing ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and playing on the SEGA Megadrive. During the sleepovers, we hear about the suspects. Who was the last person to see Ashleigh?

The audience watches FROGMAN in VR for 50% of the show – including scuba diving and in Meera’s bedroom – and the live interogation for the rest of the show. The audience go in and out of VR. In the final live scene with grown up Meera, we find out what really happened that summer in 1995. This is a truly unique theatre experience for audiences.



Date & Time

28 & 29 DEC


Level 7 Menara Perkeso