Putrajaya LIFT Festival


The financial industry is at its peak and technology is evolving faster than ever before. Due to its growing success over the past 10 years, FinTech has unsurprisingly become one of the most important characteristics of today’s economy and finance.

At the core of the Budget 2020 presentation on October 11, 2019, YB Minister of Finance stated “Malaysia’s transformation into a digital economy will only be realised with the Rakyat’s adoption of digital culture and participation in digital transactions towards a cashless society”.

Literacy in financial technology comes foremost towards building digital Malaysians who can then make informed decisions towards the adoption of digital culture and
participation in the digital world.

The inaugural Putrajaya LIFT Festival 2019, a festival with the objective of strengthening financial literacy will also aim to inspire and showcase relevant and practical information on financial empowerment in today’s dynamic technology and digital world


In line with the government’s initiative to accelerate the Digital Economy of Malaysia (as part of its first thrust in driving economic growth of the country), the festival’s objective is to create a platform/event which will promote the adoption of digital culture and
participation in digital transactions.

With the goal of helping build digital Malaysians, the festival programming will provide:
 A platform for members of the public to experience the latest digital financial
services available that would help them to make informed financial decisions
 To educate the public on the subject of FinTech and the various innovations
available in an entertaining manner
 An avenue for industry experts from finance and technology to showcase
current and future digital services and tools to the public